Delicious Tasting Water in the Best Looking Bottle

Delicious Tasting Water

Improve your water’s taste, keep it cold, and make it pH 9+

Delicious Tasting Water

Used by hundreds of thousands of people in over 190 countries

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Not all water is created equal

The DYLN Bottle was engineered to make your water taste better so you can stay hydrated all day, everyday.

The replaceable mineral Diffuser inside the bottle enhaces your water within minutes to make it alkaline up to pH 9+.

DYLN Bottle Flexible handle and leakproof cap

Are you ready to up your hydration?

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Easy, all day hydration

Better water is as easy as filling up your DYLN

  • DYLN Bottle FILL


    Add driking water to your DYLN Bottle



    The VitaBead Diffuser alkalizes your water up to pH 9+



    Enjoy delicious tasting antioxidant alkaline water

Great tasting water all day, everyday

Great tasting water all day, everyday

Better tasting water within minutes

Increases the pH up to 9+ through the mineral VitaBeads within the Diffuser.

Better tasting water within minutes

Increases the pH up to 9+ through the mineral VitaBeads within the Diffuser.

DYLN Bottle Alkaline Water

Like spring water, DYLN is powered by nature

Lasts up to 300 liters

Each Diffuser will last 3 months with average use before needing to replace with a new one. Easily replace with the included removal too.

Drink refreshing living water

The VitaBead Diffuser creates hydrogen-enriched, alkaline, and antioxidant water all day, everyday. Subscribe & save to Diffusers so you can stay hydrated year-round.

Make your DYLN better

Open, sip, close

Quickly drink from your DYLN with the Sports Cap with Straw without having to unscrew your cap. Available as an add-on and comes in two mouth sizes.

Protect & share

The durable silicone Bottom Guard protects your bottle from dents & scratches. Doubles as an on-the-go dog bowl so your furry friend can hydrate with tasty water.

Start Loving Your Water

Let’s face it. It’s a challenge to stay properly hydrated on the go. I tried this bottle, the 32 ounce. Not only does the water taste better, 3 refills a day, I am completely hydrated. Lots of energy. Skin looks wonderful and I don’t even need coffee… kudos DYLN.
-Sherilyn G. from USA
Love my new DYLN bottle! My water tastes amazing and I am drinking so much more water! I let my sister use it this weekend when we were traveling and she loves it too and also bought one!.
-Sharon R from USA
I absolutely love my 40 oz bottle. I was shocked to see how well and how long it keeps the water cold. When you take a drink it's so awesomely refreshing. I absolutely love it!.
-Aaron W from USA

It’s what’s inside that matters

Have questions? We got the answers

How often does the Diffuser need to be replaced?

Each Diffuser will last 3 months with average use or up to 300 liters (80 gallons). Regardless of use, we recommend replacing at least once a year. The Diffuser can easily & quickly be replaced with the Removal Tool that comes with each DYLN Bottle. You can register your DYLN to receive email or SMS reminders on when it is time to replace your Diffuser.

Does the DYLN Bottle filter water?

The DYLN Bottle was designed and developed to enhance water by increasing the pH and reducing the ORP to create alkaline antioxidant water. Since the Bottle does not filter water, we recommend using filtered or purified water with your DYLN Bottle.

What are the VitaBeads made of?

The VitaBeads are a proprietary blend of all-natural minerals that increases the pH and decreases the ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) to create alkaline and antioxidant water for more effective hydration and better tasting water. The proprietary blend is composed of magnesium, tourmaline, zinc, and silica.

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