Bottom Guard

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Manche inférieure en silicone pour éviter les bosses et les bosses. Compatible avec la bouteille DYLN isolée de 40 oz.
  • Fits 40 oz DYLN Bottle
  • Doubles as a portable doggy bowl
  • BPA-free
  • Easy to remove and clean
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What does drinking Alkaline + Antioxidant water do for your health?

Hydrate Faster


Fights Fatigue

Combats Acid-Reflux

Improves Digestion

How does it work?

The magnesium & minerals inside the replaceable VitaBead Diffuser, which is attached to the bottom of the DYLN Bottle, alkalizes & enhances the water within minutes.

Product Features Detail Oriented Design + High Quality Materials

  • Plastic-free Throughout Plastic-free Throughout

    Plastic-free Throughout
    Our small silicone bottle guard is made BPA-free so your hydration experience remains plastic-free. The high-quality silicone in the boots water bottle is easy to remove and clean.
  • On the go Protection On the go Protection

    On the go Protection
    The DYLN Bottom Guard offers maximum protection from daily drops, bumps, dents and scratches. Keep your Alkaline Water Bottle looking new with the flexible fit Bottom Guard.
  • Perfect Fit Perfect Fit

    Perfect Fit
    We designed the DYLN Bottom Guards to fit snug, yet flexibly, against your DYLN Bottle to prolong your bottle’s lifespan.
  • Pet-friendly Pet-friendly

    Because everybody needs a better hydration regime, the Bottom Guard doubles as a portable doggy bowl.