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    Our VitaBead Diffuser alkalizes your water up to pH 9+



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How Does It Work?

The replaceable VitaBead Diffuser attached to the bottom of the DYLN Bottle has a proprietary blend of minerals that enhances your water making it alkaline(pH 9+), antioxidant and hydrogen-rich.

Start Loving Your Water

"Love My Bottle
I have been using my DYLN water bottle for over 2 years now and love it. My water tastes great! I no longer need to buy bottled alkaline water. What a great investment!"
-Penny P.
"The water is smooth and amazing. My goal was to drink a gallon of water a day. Dyln makes this goal very easy"
-Barrett B
"I found this product by chance and purchased the medium size. It helped my reflux so much that I decided to get the next size up."
-Kelli S

Bottle Features

DYLN Bottle Flexible handle and leakproof cap

Replaceable Diffuser lasts 3 months with average use—that equates to 80 gallons of refreshing pH 9 water

DYLN Bottle Alkaline Water

Like Spring Water, DYLN Is Powered By Nature

Lasts up to 80 gallons

Each Diffuser will last 3 months with average use before needing to replace with a new one. Easily replace with the included removal too.

Drink refreshing living water

The VitaBead Diffuser creates hydrogen-enriched, alkaline, and antioxidant water all day, everyday. Subscribe & save to Diffusers so you can stay hydrated year-round.

Watch how the DYLN Bottle works

Create your own delicious tasting alkaline water


Select Couleur Noir

Select Couleur Noir

Transformational Stories

My perfect water bottle

Fabulous. My energy has increased, I sleep better, and the water tastes great.
Jessica R.

Amazing investment!

Absolutely the best investment I’ve made ! So convenient and knowing that I’m drinking the best water all day every day is definitely a plus.
Julia F.

A hit for water-haters.

I never drank water with pleasure. For me, drinking water was a question of health. Now, with my DYLN I'm looking forward to my next glass of water. I love it!
Mario P.

Convenient and tastes great!

I love the convenience of having alkaline water on hand instead of having to go to the store and fill up jugs every few days. The water also tastes very smooth! I can def...
Romeo J.

Surprisingly fresh tasting water

The DYLN is very easy to use. It’s important to stay hydrated during our outdoor adventures. I was surprised how good the water tastes - very fresh, non mineral taste.
Susan S.

Amazing experience in hydration

Absolutely love this bottle!! Makes my water taste great and keeps it cold for hours. So happy with my purchase! It’s now the ONLY water bottle I use!! 🥰
Imelda A.

Best investment ever

No more buying cases of alkaline water. Staying hydrated is effortless and the water tastes light and fresh. It paid for itself in no time...definitely worth the investme...
Allie R.

Really grateful

I really appreciate not having to spend extra time and energy lugging jugs of alkaline water back to my home from the distributor, which is how I used to get the benefits...
Rachael R.

Love my DYLN

I really love my DYLN. Makes me drink more water than usual and it tastes great.
Paul F.

My new favorite thing

I carry my DYLN proudly and educate everyone around me about the benefits of using the bottle and drinking alkalized water. I can't thank you enough for the wonderful pro...
Angeliz G.

It’s what’s inside that matters

Get a DYLN Bottle and Start Drinking Great Tasting Water

Questions that are asked a lot

  • ?How often does the Diffuser need to be replaced?

    Each Diffuser will last 3 months with average use or up to 80 gallons (300 liters). Regardless of use, we recommend replacing at least once a year. The Diffuser can easily & quickly be replaced with the Removal Tool that comes with each DYLN Bottle. You can register your DYLN to receive email or SMS reminders on when it is time to replace your Diffuser.
  • ?Does the DYLN Bottle filter water?

    The DYLN Bottle was designed and developed to enhance water by increasing the pH and reducing the ORP to create alkaline antioxidant water. Since the Bottle does not filter water, we recommend using filtered or purified water with your DYLN Bottle.
  • ?How Should I clean my water bottle?

    To clean your DYLN Bottle, first remove the Diffuser from your bottle. The inside of the bottle and the cap can be cleaned warm soapy water—preferably plant-based soap. Let the bottle and cap air dry for the best results before using again. Handwash the Diffuser with warm water without any soap. For best results, air dry your Diffuser before inserting back into your bottle. Please ensure to change your Diffuser every 80 gallons or every twelve months, whichever comes first. Do not run in the dishwasher. The Insulated DYLN Bottle, including the Diffuser and the Cap, is not dishwasher safe. Dishwashers can reach high enough temperatures that it may impact the scratch-resistant paint of the exterior and compromise the insulation benefit.
  • ?What is the return policy for my Water Bottle?

    You may return any new, unused DYLN product within 30 days of shipping for a refund. Bottles with personalized engraving are final sale and do not qualify for a return as they are considered unsaleable. Returned items must be in perfect and unused/unopened condition. Shipping charges are non-refundable. Please allow up to 15 business days to process a return from the day that your items are received back in our warehouse.
  • ?What are the VitaBeads made of?

    The VitaBeads are formulated to naturally enhance and revitalize your water. They are a proprietary blend of all-natural minerals that increases the pH and decreases the ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) to create alkaline and antioxidant water for more effective hydration. The proprietary blend is composed of magnesium, tourmaline, zinc, and silica, which are heated to temperatures over 700 degrees Celsius to create the form and shape of the VitaBeads. They are then housed in the same 316 surgical-grade stainless steel as the interior of the Insulated DYLN Bottle.
  • ?What is included with each DYLN Bottle order?

    Each DYLN Bottle purchase includes one VitaBead Diffuser and one Diffuser Removal Tool.