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Why Is the pH of Your Water Important?

It’s not surprising that drinking water is good for your health. But, did you know the pH of your water can have an even bigger impact than just drinking water alone? The pH of water (and even food) is measured on a scale from 0-14 and indicates if something is more acidic (lower pH) or alkaline (higher pH).

An item measuring around 8-9 registers as Alkaline and science has shown that’s where a real change starts to take place. Most water measures as neutral at a pH of 7 but Alkaline Water is closer to a pH of 9. This slight increase that creates Alkaline Water, supports superior hydration, detoxifies the body and energizes you throughout the day.

The importance of balancing your water’s pH can’t be emphasized enough so we’re breaking down what actually increased the pH of Water, the lasting health benefits to drinking Alkaline Water, and why it matters. Read on for DL on pH. 


How Does the pH Increase? 


Water typically registers a pH of 7 meaning its neutral. To get Alkaline Water with a pH closer to 9 the water is most commonly either spring water, where it's passed through rocks in streams picking up minerals, or it’s artificially enhanced through a chemical process called electrolysis.

This technique uses an ionizer to increase the pH using electricity, manipulating water molecules and separating out those that are more acidic or more alkaline. Electrolysis can be found in bottled Alkaline Water that you might get at your supermarket by the gallon or single servings. 



dyln blue bottle by lake woman hiking



However, with the DYLN bottle, we use a natural and proprietary blend of magnesium, zinc, tourmaline and silica to alkalize water up to 9+ pH. This mimics the effect of how natural spring water is created by infusing your water with minerals.

The VitaBead Diffuser inside each DYLN contains the mineral blends and works to transform your water into Alkaline Water within minutes. Each Diffuser lasts around three months so you can have pH balanced water on demand and on the go – without single use plastic bottles, chemically altered Alkaline Water, and the expensive price tag. 


Benefits of pH Balanced Water


The water we drink matters. Science has shown that drinking pH balanced water is a great way to improve overall health. Alkaline Water works harder than other water thanks to its ability to hydrate more effectively, detoxify the body, reduce acidity in the bloodstream, and help your muscles recover faster – resulting in more energy long term.

Maintaining a diet rich in Alkaline Water can also improve skin health and reduce acid reflux. Plus, Alkaline Water simply tastes better which helps you crave the taste of water, keeping you hydrated throughout the day. The benefits of Alkaline Water can also extend into your diet. Eating a diet rich in Alkaline foods is a great way to maintain your body’s pH beyond your water. Foods that register as Alkaline are typically those from a plant-based diet: think leafy greens, vegetables and some fruits.  


Why it Matters



woman in forest with dyln blue bottle woman drinking alkaline water



Drinking more water has always been a go to for greater health. Healthy hydration habits help keep off weight, help you sleep better, exercise more efficiently, help your cells stay healthy and so much more. The idea behind drinking pH balanced water more specifically is that it prevents your body from becoming too acidic.

Alkaline Water (with a pH of 9+) counterbalancing anything that would lower your pH. Common acidic foods are meat products, fish, dairy, sugar grains, caffeine and alcohol. It’s unrealistic to have a diet without some of those items but it’s possible to negate their effects by hydrating (and flushing) your body with pH balanced water. 


The Best pH Balanced Water


When looking to add Alkaline Water into your daily routine, DYLN creates the most cost effective, environmentally friendly and convenient way to hydrate! Made completely BPA-free and only with the highest grade surgical stainless steel, the DYLN Bottle alkalizes your water while keeping it cold, safe and transportable.

Staying hydrated with DYLN is so much easier than buying bottled water: you simply pour in filtered water, wait as the VitaBead Diffuser starts working to alkalize your water, and then hydrate! We believe drinking quality water is the foundation for a healthy lifestyle and better health. pH balanced water is the best way to achieve that life. 

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