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The Truth About Alkaline Water Ionizers

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Truth be told there are really only two ways to make Alkaline Water: naturally or through electrolysis. When it’s made naturally, water is passed through minerals that enhance the water and turn it alkaline.


The process of electrolysis changes the structure of the water on a molecular level, also creating alkalized antioxidant water. This method is called ionization and separates the oxygen and hydrogen molecules in the water. With the DYLN Bottle, we’re able to replicate the natural process of creating Alkaline Water through the VitaBead Diffuser which is packed with a proprietary blend of zinc, magnesium, tourmaline and silica. Replicating the natural process is akin to water passing through a spring, becoming Alkaline. Here we’re breaking down exactly how a water ionizer works, the pros and cons and why we’ve decided to keep things au naturale


What is a Water Ionizer?


A water ionizer is an appliance that uses electrolysis to change the structure of water on a molecular level – and in this case, separating the hydrogen and oxygen to make antioxidant  alkaline water. This process first developed in Japan over 70 years ago and has now become common practice in making large batches of Alkaline Water by instigating a chemical reaction.



Photo by cottonbro from Pexels


The water ionizer works by filtering your water and enhancing its purity through electrolysis, where the water runs over positive and negative electrodes creating antioxidant alkaline water and separating out acidic water. When alkaline water is created, the pH of the water is increased, as is the ORP (oxidation-reduction potential), which makes your water antioxidant and is essential in maintaining gut health which doesn't like acidity and craves balance. 



Pros and Cons



Ionized water in theory is great and results in alkaline antioxidant water (which we love). However, it does so through a chemical reaction that isn’t natural, nor is it as supported in studies as the benefits of naturally occurring alkaline water are. The benefits of drinking ionized water claim to be the same as drinking alkaline water, but this isn’t a naturally occurring process.


By filtering water through (very expensive) filtering machines, water is passing through large amounts of plastic and other materials. These systems are large enough to produce alkaline water to be bottles in single use plastic bottles or gallon, or they can be small enough to have at home – but that means you’re really only creating alkaline antioxidant water at home and for anything on the go, you're pretty reliant on single use plastic bottles from grocery stores.


Additionally, it’s common for salt to be added to be added to achieve electrolysis which can produce hydrogen gas, hypochlorous acid, and sodium hydroxide which if they were to react, would result in Chlorine. At a certain point the benefits of drinking alkaline water are now paired with the risk of drinking chlorine, plastic contaminated water and more.


Why DYLN Does it Better



dyln alkaline water bottle outdoors forest on the go



Even though the end goal is providing customers with alkaline water and helping them enjoy the lasting health benefits, we’re also passionate about our environment and the impact our products have. We made the decision early on when starting DYLN to create alkaline antioxidant water on the go, and sustainably. To do so we made a reusable bottle filtration system that is completely natural.


The VitaBead Diffuser at the bottom of each DYLN Bottle transforms your water in alkaline antioxidant water within minutes. Water is able to filter through the proprietary blend of minerals in the diffuser, allowing the minerals to enhance the water’s pH up to 9+, increase the ORP making it antioxidant, all while replicating the natural process of spring water passing through mountains. The diffusers last around 3 months, don’t require any electricity and all DYLN Bottles and Diffusers are plastic and BPA-free. 



The Truth About Water Ionizers


At the end of the day, Alkaline water has incredible benefits that improve your health, hydration and life. But the means of creating or buying Alkaline Water vary – as do their impacts. A Water Ionizer creates a chemical reaction that filters water and creates alkaline antioxidant water at a large expense, both cost and energy wise. Naturally made alkaline water is exactly how it sounds: naturally made! It filters through minerals that enhance the water, the way it has since the dawn of time through mountain streams.





Naturally alkaline water doesn’t use energy, plastic or chemical reactions to create the water we all love. The truth about water ionizers is that they’re an expensive, and over-hyped process that creates something that occurs naturally. WIth DYLN we bring the natural process of creating alkaline water to you conveniently and cost effectively. Your DYLN bottle creates Alkaline Water wherever you go so you can stay hydrated and healthy, always.

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