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Alkaline Water – How Much Should I Drink?

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Alkaline water is simply water with a higher pH level. Generally, water is neutral i.e. neither acidic nor alkaline and has a pH level of 7 on the pH scale. But when water is enhanced in a natural way its pH level increases, and it becomes alkaline, commonly referred to as Alkaline Water. 

If we refer to the stats, then due to modern lifestyle and diet, around 15 million Americans suffer from heartburn every day. Thus, it is very important to control the acidity in the body and maintain the pH balance to avoid health issues on the long run.

Another major benefit of alkaline water is that it can resolve the general issues of the gut. Alkaline water deactivates pepsin, which is the enzyme that causes acid reflux or heartburn in common terms. Additionally, it's also very helpful in reducing other issues such as constipation, stomach ache, gas, bloating and GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease).

Despite having so many benefits, little is known amongst the masses about alkaline water and the benefits it brings to the table. There is a lot of confusion about the difference between regular and alkaline water, how to make or get alkaline water and if the claims about alkaline water are true or not. Additionally, many people have questions about how much alkaline water they should drink in a day.

If you are here, it is highly likely that you too have some of these questions in mind. Let’s throw some light on the truth about Alkaline water and discuss how you can get it for cheap, make use of it to stay healthy and how much you should drink overall.


Is Alkaline Water As Good As Claimed?


Alkaline water has proven additional benefits that your regular water simply cannot provide. It has many uses for the body and assists aiding a lot of conditions. Besides resolving gut issues and preventing them from occurring, alkaline water also gets absorbed quickly by body cells and keeps you hydrated for longer periods. By staying hydrated, you feel energized and perform at your best throughout the day.



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It's a proven way to improve skin complexion, reducing and to an extent removing headaches, diminishing fatigue and detoxifying the body.


Is Alkaline Water Expensive?


Another topic of discussion that many people have, is that replacing their regular water with alkaline water would be very expensive. Something they cannot afford daily given the amount of water that is required per day. However, this is not true at all. You can create alkaline water at home if you wish, although you will need pH drops or ionizers that can be time-consuming and a bit expensive.

Alternatively, you can try out the DYLN Bottle. Made of food-grade stainless steel, this designer water bottle is available in various color options. It comes with a replaceable VitaBead Diffuser that sits at the bottom of the bottle with which it  increases the pH level of regular water within minutes from 7 to 9+.




The DYLN Bottle is an ideal choice for getting alkaline water since the VitaBead Diffuser can last up to 3 months before requiring replacement. Also, since the bottle has a great design with an hour-glass shape and a silicon wrap for better grip, you can easily carry it anywhere you want and have access to alkaline water for the entire day without spending much or making any effort.


How Much Alkaline Water Should You Drink?


If you know the answer for how much water you should drink in a day, then the same applies to alkaline water. You might have heard of the 8 glasses of water per day idea, but it is completely irrelevant. As per experts from Harvard University, each person should strive to drink between thirty to fifty ounces of water each day. The number can vary based on various conditions such as fluid derived from food, geographical location, environmental factors, amount of physical activity done amongst various others.

You can yourself analyze how much water you need to keep correctly hydrated. The color of  your urine, which when yellow signifies dehydration, and when transparent signals towards having sufficient water levels in the body. Besides this, feeling thirsty is the simplest way of understanding when your body requires more water.

But it is important to understand that the first step towards deriving the benefits of alkaline water is to analyze the quantity of it you should be drinking. Although its crispy and refreshing taste will make you want to drink it throughout the day, at the start, you should be very careful about the quantity you intake.



Our bodies take time to adjust to the new level of pH in the water we drink. Thus you should not get over excited at the start and drink only about 2 to 4 cups of alkaline water. Gradually as your body gets used to the new pH level, you can increase your intake, eventually to a level that the alkaline water completely replaces regular water all together. 

When Should You Drink Alkaline Water to Get The Most Out of Its Benefits?


Instead of gobbling up on alkaline water immediately, you should plan when and how much alkaline water to drink so that you can take out all the benefits from it. From starting the day to around meals and activities, here is a complete plan about when and how much alkaline water you should drink.

Drink Some Alkaline Water As Soon As You Wake Up

As soon as you wake up, you should drink a glass full of alkaline water on an empty stomach. This is when your body is dehydrated and drinking alkaline water will recharge and refreshen you, getting you motivated to look forward to the rest of the day.


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After Physical Activities or Workouts

Whenever you workout or do any exercise, it is natural for the body to lose water quickly through sweat. This is another time when you should drink alkaline water. Its crispy taste will amaze your tastebuds, while it quickly is absorbed by body cells and energizes you quickly. It will keep you hydrated for longer than regular water so that you can continue uninterrupted and have energy left in the tank to carry on your other commitments for the rest of the day.


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Regular Intervals

When you are just starting off drinking alkaline water, then you should drink 3.5-5 oz of alkaline water every 3 to 4 hours. This will allow your body to get adjusted to alkaline water while keeping you adequately hydrated. If you feel thirsty in between, then you can have regular water. As you get more used to alkaline water, you can completely replace your regular water with it.

Around Meals

This is where you should steer clear of drinking alkaline water. Even if you feel thirsty while having a meal, you should not sip any water. It is advised by experts that you should not drink water 30 minutes before and 2 hours after having a meal or during the meal.

This is because water reaches your stomach before food, and makes you feel full and you end up not eating as much food as your body needs. Eventually, you get deprived of essential nutrients from your food that can cause multiple issues over time.

Apart from these instances, one more thing that you should always be wary of is drinking a lot of alkaline water at once. You should always drink it in smaller quantities throughout the day. Drinking all at once will make you full but not give the essential benefits that you seek. Also, instead of solving your gut issues, it can even cause you some if you are not cautious about its consumption. But this being said, if you follow the guidelines suggested above, you can get an optimum advantage.


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Alkaline water is scientifically proven to provide multiple benefits to your gut, physical and even mental health. It can be easily available through the DYLN Bottle. You might be intrigued about making the switch, but if you are aware of when and how much to drink, then you shouldn’t have any worries about it and only enjoy the benefits.

All you have to do is to pour your regular water in the DYLN Bottle. Its VitaBead Diffuser will convert it into alkaline water within minutes, and then drink from it following the recommended tips above. You can enjoy its crispy taste, feel refreshed and energized, improve your gut health and do your best anytime. 

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