DYLN Inspired activewear & VitaPearl fabric incorporates our far-infrared nano-mineral technology, permanently embedded within the fibers and yarns, to revitalize the body from the outside in. Unlike other apparel and activewear, DYLN Inspired harnesses the energy of nature to deliver the ultimate performance to power and propel the body, while also having the unparalleled softness and comfort while being worn.



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Energize your body. Empower your cells. Quicken your recovery.

• Improves micro-circulation
• Increases muscular oxygenation
• Regulates body temperature
• Quicker recovery from physical activity
• Decreases muscle fatigue
• Cell regeneration
• Subtle detoxification


Thermography Testing

  thermography       thermography testing
*Test subject tested before and after 30 minutes wearing a DYLN Inspired activewear top and bottom


DYLN Inspired in Action