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How to clean the Original DYLN Bottle?


Use warm water and a plant-based soap. Shake the DYLN Bottle to thoroughly clean the interior, then rinse with warm water once or twice. We recommend removing the Diffuser when washing your DYLN Bottle, and you can hand wash the Diffuser with warm water separately. Please see how to clean your Diffuser here.

*Note that if you would like to run the Original DYLN Bottle through the dishwasher, you must remove the Cap, Diffuser and Sleeve.


Clean the stainless-steel part of the cap with a plant-based soap and soft sponge. Ensure the bamboo stays dry and never submerge the bamboo or cap in water. After prolonged use, you can add almond or coconut oil to the bamboo.


The sleeve does not need to be removed unless you wish to place your Bottle in the dishwasher. Clean with water or plant-based soap and a soft sponge, then rinse and let air-dry.